Internship Update

Time passes so fast when your enjoying what you’re doing, right? I must be loving this internship!

I get in to the station around 5 A.M. and get to work. The next chance I get to look at the clock its almost time to go home.

Since my last post, I’ve put in around a month at the station and each day is nothing like the one before. I have always said I don’t want to get stuck in a 9 to 5 job, and this internship is showing me that the news business is anything but that.

The highlight of my time has been the chance to write VOs, or Voice Overs that the Anchors read, and other stories and get feedback from the producers. Even better was having one of my VOs added to the show. It even had a FS (full screen) graphic.

Working with the individuals that I have recently, I have learned the criticism can come in many forms. People can tell you something is wrong, but don’t help you to understand why or how to do it better the next time. The feedback that I have received on my work has been extremely helpful!

These people will not settle for just good! I’ve gotten a, “that’s great, but how can we make it even better next time.”

Working in news, especially broadcast with live deadlines, theres always going to be a point where you have to move on to the next story even if you may not be satisfied with the finished product.

Someone told me “You can put a million years into a story, but if it isn’t done on deadline its worth nothing.”

Having great mentors around me, giving me feedback, is helping me get to “even better,” quicker and faster so deadlines are never the deciding factor when writing a story.

That same person told me that it’s okay not to know everything right this second. After all that’s why I’m doing this internship. She said we help you learn slowly with a 2 minute show, then an A-block, and before you’ll know it you’ll be building an entire show.

can’t wait for my next shift at the station!


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