This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to act as an executive producer and put together a newscast with the help of some other fabulous interns at the station.

I will say this was a true test of everything that I have learned so far this semester.  For this newscast I had to coordinate the reporters and anchors, deciding who would fulfill each role and what content to use. In addition to choosing content, I had to decide the order of the rundown and make the stories flow from one to another.

Though this whole process, I have learned that there are two major parts that I love about producing. The first is the writing. I enjoy getting to write all different kinds of stories. Typically a reporter focuses on one or two stories a day, but as a producer, you can be involved in developing all the stories for your show.

The second thing that I truly enjoy is all the people I get to work with. From the directors in the booth to the anchors on set and everyone in between, each person brings a different set of skills that make a show possible.

I hope you enjoy my first show as a producer. It was a blast to work with this talented set of interns! I can’t wait to see the places that we are able to go.



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