Technologies come and go all the time, so how do innovators figure out what is coming next or how to prepare the workspace for it? Creativity… Trial and error.

The journalism space is not excluded from the innovation. Individuals are working every day to create the next method by which people will deliver and receive news. As a television producer, I am already forced to think about how the content I create will translate to the internet or even our mobile application. For example, Do I need to push people to our website if there is a full list of locations for an event that I can not show on air due to time constraints? On the other hand are there ways I can drive people to watch our newscasts from our online content? Like having reporters post 30-second videos teasing their stories on social media. My job as a producer is no longer just focused on a single platform.

Will it stop there? I think not!

I have yet to see where technology will take the broadcast news, but I think it will be able to integrate the technologies being developed by print and video companies.

For example, The New York Times has excelled at their work with Google Cardboard and other 360 video elements. It would be interesting if broadcast reporters could harness this technology for television news. Viewers at home could slip on a headset or use their cardboard set-ups to be alongside the reporters; experiencing the story.

So with that, my prediction for the future lies in the virtual world. Stories have always been about telling others about things that happened so to show them what it was like. By moving the technology like 360 video forward in the storytelling world, people will no longer have to wonder what it was like. They can be there without actually being there. Instead of small video clips being watched on VR-headsets, maybe entire newscasts and television shows will be.


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