This week I got to play around with Unity3D.  It’s a software that allows users to create worlds almost out of thin air! In my case that meant utilizing all the prefabricated pieces that were free in the assets store.

Oh was it a challenge!

I am NOT a video game player by any means. Not having that experience of moving both perspective and position at the same time it tough. It’s a coordinated effort that makes navigating through your creation so much easier. In my case that meant it was a challenge. One minute I am looking at the front door of my house the next minute I am some how falling through my landscape, further and further down.

On the other hand, using this software was fun!

Looking at its applications outside of journalism, this software allows you to really create any wonderland you could imagine. That’s what made my assignment so challenging. Create a simple scene. Simple yes, but any scene? I settled for a house and trees, somewhat realistic.

If I were to use this software in a journalism setting I think I would have to be very careful about tracking the sources from which I was pulling information. That is a crucial piece especially if using the 3D software and virtual reality to showcase something that has a large impact like war or global warming.

Overall, getting to use this software hands on excites me for what is to come. Future editions may be more consumer friendly so anyone can create worlds of their choosing. They may even be able to recreate their living environment in real time!



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