I have always thought of journalism as recording history while it’s happening. Without journalism, many of the accounts that historians turn to would not be available. It is this idea that plays into some of the deciding factors for what I want to cover or investigate as a journalist.

With new emerging technologies, the ability to record things in history has grown immensely.

Take this example:

Archeologists are crowdsourcing images in order to recreate items or places in history that have since been destroyed.

What if we could do that now as journalists?

Many news organizations like to show change with the stories they produce. For example, this month marks the one year anniversary of the Soberanes Fire that tore through Big Sur, California and the surrounding area. My news station, which covered the fire extensively while it was happening, tried to piece together a story to show the contrast of before and after the fire.

What if we could incorporate photogrammetry?

We could collect images/aerials of before the fire and create a scene showing that. Then we could capture or crowdsourced images of now to show the stark compare and contrast.

Just and idea.

What are your thoughts?




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