Technology is the driving force behind the products delivered by journalism outlets. When Snapchat was created, I know I saw it as a way to communicate amongst friends. I never imagined that one day, like right now, that companies like NBC would have reporters dedicated to producing a “newscast” like series on the platform. Technology is changing the way we able to present information and to stay ahead of it we need to think outside the box.

So where does broadcast TV news fit in the digital age?

“We recognize our audience increasingly doesn’t distinguish screens: they might get something from our newscast, or from our mobile app, or from being a fan of our local station’s Facebook page, or an Instagram video,” Frank Mungeam, VP for digital content at Tegna, said. (Interview with Niemanlab) “Part of our reinvention effort is to recognize that the most compelling way to tell stories in the digital age is an all-day story experience that starts with social engagement, that gives updates on digital, context on broadcast, and then offers extras as a digital follow-up, and then continues with a social conversation — and then you repeat that cycle.”

In short form, broadcast TV news needs to be a seamless product that stretches from the TV screen to a mobile device to a computer screen. It is no longer a single product for each platform, but one encompassing product.

So, how does that change the current news cycle or workflow of a newsroom? 

Everyone from a reporter to a producer to a news director needs to have a hand in the product making. Syllos that contain a “team”, like digital team or news team, need to be broken down. Creating content has to be looked at as a whole.

My current role as a producer is already changing. I have to consider how can I move the TV story to a web story. That may be accomplished by including a web graphic at the conclusion of a story. It may be teasing you can see a complete video online or a 360 video element online. Thinking way out there, there are now opportunities to be Snapchat producers or live stream producers.

Technology is shaping the way I do my job, and being aware of those changes is fundamental in creating a seamless product for consumers.


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