I have exciting news to share with everyone–


I finished all of my classes in December, and I got that expensive piece of paper in the mail. Whew! What a relief I feel to have it all done.

Since I no longer have to spend time studying and writing papers, I decided to get myself a hobby. I decided to start a blog – one that will help me find other hobbies and projects to occupy my time.

I am calling it “Project Finding Passion.”


Project Finding Passion is a spin-off on the concept of “passion projects.” They are projects that spark your creativity, excitement or passion. For example, have you ever said you want to go on a missions trip to another country, or wanted to become a tutor at a local school? It could even be something as simple as creating an Instagram to document your favorite moments in life. These could all be considered passion projects.

There are numerous things that I have tucked away saying I don’t have time, or they are just bucket list items. Well, why do I have to wait till I’m dying to tackle my passion projects? Now seems as good a time as ever.

I plan to take on a project each week or complete tasks toward a bigger project each week and report back. I also plan to share video and photo content that I create revolving around this project and take feedback from you all on things I should try. I really want to push the limits of my comfort zone and possibly inspire others to do the same along the way.

I will also be sharing posts about getting started on your own passion projects and how you can find the “why” that makes you tick.

To follow my adventures visit: https://projectfindingpassion.wordpress.com/


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