My Newest Adventure

I have exciting news to share with everyone-- I HAVE FINISHED GRAD SCHOOL! I finished all of my classes in December, and I got that expensive piece of paper in the mail. Whew! What a relief I feel to have it all done. Since I no longer have to spend time studying and writing papers, [...]


Imagining​ the future of Journalism

Technology is the driving force behind the products delivered by journalism outlets. When Snapchat was created, I know I saw it as a way to communicate amongst friends. I never imagined that one day, like right now, that companies like NBC would have reporters dedicated to producing a "newscast" like series on the platform. Technology [...]

Preserving and recording history with new technology

I have always thought of journalism as recording history while it's happening. Without journalism, many of the accounts that historians turn to would not be available. It is this idea that plays into some of the deciding factors for what I want to cover or investigate as a journalist. With new emerging technologies, the ability [...]

New social media features or bust!

For the last few years, there has been a competition between social media sites to out-do one another.  When Snapchat launched in September of 2011 it drastically disrupted the social media marketplace with new features not offered before, or not widely available. Overall this has created an inventor's dilemma. Facebook was launched in 2004 and Instagram [...]